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Sama Sama Rainbow School

In 2016 one of the members of the Rotary Club of Adelaide Parks, Lesley, started a project to assist a small village school in Vanuatu. Since then the Club has joined the project ​and ​with the​ ongoing support of other members and friends Lesley is preparing for her next visit at the end of March.

A warm Welcome




Some of the Children that are helped

Part of the trip will entail gathering information about the school's proposed new cyclone-safe hall and how the Club can assist​. On this visit Lesley will​ also be helping in the classroom in the mornings and helping the mothers to make shorts and skirts​ in the afternoons for the children's school uniform.

Woman at workHandywork

The hard at work Making uniforms  and the finished products

To complete the school uniform, Lesley is taking 190 orange t-shirts, along with a range of educational materials, toothbrushes and toothpaste, all of which have been donated or bought with the proceeds of various fund-raising activities throughout the year. 


The Huge stack of T Shirts and Supplies

Together with Ruth Carlot, the driving force behind the Sama Sama Rainbow School, the project is helping one of the many communities in Vanuatu that need support. 

A fond farewell, until next time

If you would like to know more or help with this project please contact us using this link


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Meeting information
Location: 111 Hutt Street, Adelaide
               The Naval, Military and Air                          Force Club of South Australia Inc.
Time:      5.45pm for 6.15pm
Day:        Wednesday Nights
Dress:      Neat casual, no jeans or T shirts 


Next meeting October 9th
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