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Founded:  Charter date 4 September 1984
Sponsored by:  Rotary Club of Adelaide West

 Charter Members:

Neil Ainsley, Ray Binks, John Crichton, Ian Davis, Simon Drilling, Ken Evans, Tony Fackrell, Brian Flew, Chris Follas, John Fraser, Russ Harris, Chris Henderson, Graham Inglis, Alan Key, Peter Larner, Bruce Little, John Little, Paul Lunn, Kirk Mason, Jeff Mattner, Fred Nairn, Leigh Noble, Bruce Reid, Bill Rushton, Jamie Shepherd, George Sinclair, Henry Slater, Nev. Southgate, John Strawbridge, Laurie Sutton, Barry Thompson and Graham Williams


Club Historian:  Gerry Dee
Past Presidents :
1984- John Crichton, 1985 - John Little, 1986-John Fraser 1987-Allan Key, 1988-Jeff Mattner, 1989-Russ Harris, 1990 -Leigh Noble, 1991- Hennig Kloevekorn,
1992- Graham Williams, 1993- Henry Slater,
1994- Terry Hadert 1995-Eric Russell, 1996-Jim Davies, 1997-Fred Kovaleff , 1998-Wes Southgate,
1999- Scott Mason, 2000-Gerry Dee, 2001-Eric Russell, 2002-Don Richardson,  2003-Lindsay Cook,
2004-Gerald Welden, 2005-Bryce Andersen,
2006- Scott Mason, 2007- Alan Logue,
2008- Keith Pearson,  2009- Jeff Mattner,
2010 - Bob Congdon, 2011 - Kathy Cotter,
2012 - Allan Cram, 2013 - Keith Pearson
2014 - Geoff Schahinger   (but Geoff took ill  and Scott Mason acted as President for the 2014 - 2015 year)
2015 - Scott Mason,2016 - Kathy Cotter,
2017 - Alan Logue

Paul Harris Fellow:

Pre 2008
 Jim Davies, Alan Key, Jeff Mattner, Keith Pearson, Eric Russell, George Sinclair, Henry Slater, Henning Kloevekorn, Sister Pauline Flynn -Hutt St. Centre 

2008- Scott Mason, Wes Southgate

2009- Gerry Dee, Eric Russell -Sapphire pin, Nick Scopelitis.

2010- George Sinclair -Sapphire pin. John Hicks, John Mutton, Barbara Wheatcroft, Charles Schahinger, Geoff Schahinger Sapphire pin.

Paul Harris Society Members :

(This award in recognition of an annual pledge of $US1.000 donation by or in the name of the recipiant.)

2010- Geoff Schahinger, Eric Russell, Jeff Mattner,


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Meeting information
Location: 111 Hutt Street, Adelaide
               The Naval, Military and Air                          Force Club of South Australia Inc.
Time:      5.45pm for 6.15pm
Day:        Wednesday Nights
Dress:      Neat casual, no jeans or T shirts 


Next meeting October 9th
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