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Rotary Club of Adelaide Parks & Australia Awards Fellowships

The Rotary Club of Adelaide Parks has been successful in its application for funds to host Australia Awards Fellowships. Australia Awards Fellowships are an Australian Government initiative and are managed by DFAT. They are provided as part of Australia’s overseas aid program.

Australia Awards Fellowships offer Australian organisations such as the Rotary Club of Adelaide Parks (RCAP) the opportunity to deepen and broaden links with leaders and professionals in developing countries by hosting Fellows from overseas partner organisations, in this case, the GIFT Foundation from Tamil Nadu, India. RCAP has previously funded scholarships for disadvantaged students to attend AGN School, founded by the GIFT Foundation in 1998-99.

RCAP and the GIFT Foundation schools developed this Fellowship proposal with an overall aim of strengthening the partnership and links between the Rotary Club of Adelaide Parks and the GIFT Foundation schools in Tamil Nadu, India. The activity aligns with, and supports Australia’s economic diplomacy and public diplomacy objectives by addressing current and emerging development and foreign affairs issues. The purpose of this project is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in these schools and, through the schools’ graduates, positively contribute to sustained prosperity and social cohesion in the surrounding communities.
The Rotary Club of Adelaide Parks, as the Australian Hosting organisation, has arranged and funded three Fellows from the GIFT Foundation schools to experience a 3 week study tour of school education in Australia. The Fellows will visit schools throughout South Australia, undertake focused workshops and attend the Australian Council of Educational Leaders Conference in Sydney in September and October. On their return to their schools, the Fellows will undertake leadership activities associated with professional development of teaching colleagues in their schools.

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AGN teachers at the bush School

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Meeting information
Location: 111 Hutt Street, Adelaide
               The Naval, Military and Air                          Force Club of South Australia Inc.
Time:      5.45pm for 6.15pm
Day:        Wednesday Nights
Dress:      Neat casual, no jeans or T shirts 


Next meeting October 9th
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